This run goes up to 11

5 Mar

I woke up naturally at the obscene time of 7am today.  Who does that?

The good news was that I had plenty of time this morning to eat breakfast — scrambled eggs and waffles with peanut butter — and get some quality putzing-around time.

By 10am, though, I was out the door, emboldened by a foam roller that did NOT shred my leg off my pelvic bone, for a planned 10 miles.

NOT scary...but brutal

I ran down Florida Ave. to Georgetown, where I hit the Exorcist steps (which are not scary at ALL in the daytime, by the way) and Georgetown Running Company for some water.  The day was much warmer than expected and my winter cap and gloves felt superfluous as I sweat through the first few miles.

After crossing on Key Bridge and running up the Mount Vernon trail, I started to feel better and settled in to a good pace.  I was running much faster than I should have been for a long run, but I felt great so I figured I’d keep going at a pace that sometimes hit sub-9:00s.

I crossed back into DC and ran around Lincoln Memorial, where I discovered that the Reflecting Pool was, well, not.  Instead, it was a dry strip of mud, presumably under construction so more tourists could enact that scene from Forest Gump and get arrested by Park Police. I ran under the canopy of trees and took a few photos of runners and tourists. I ended up taking this shot of a guy with an awesome mustache who was shuffling toward me.

I slapped California and DC at the WWII Memorial (of course) and ran to the Capitol. I realized I was running more distance than I had mapped out but I felt pretty good, and after around 6.5 miles I felt great.  So weird that it takes me an hour to get that feeling now.

I saw some cameras mounted on a presidential-looking limo action on Penn Ave and asked someone what they were filming.  He said they were working on a new HBO show called Veep with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.  Being the ultra-cool LA biy that I am, I was totally ok and did NOT stick around for 15 minutes hoping to see her.  No, wait, I did.

I slogged back up 16th, pretty tired but happy to go that distance without any ITB pain. I got home at exactly 11 miles, iced my knee, drank a chocolate milk, and ate two microwave burritos.  What?  Don’t judge me, they’re de-fucking-licious.

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